Hi, I am your perfect Linen Towel!



I was produced from a flax plant grown in Europe. It's been a long process for me - first a flax seed was planted, then it bloomed with beautiful blue flowers that produced new seeds and finally came the harvest time...

After my flax was harvested, it needed to get through several processes to become a fiber: threshing to remove seeds, retting to loosen the fiber from the stalk, drying then breaking the stalk into short segments, scutching to remove the stalk from the fiber, and heckling to remove short fibers and smaller pieces of stalk left.

After all of that, only the best and longest fibers remained. Those were then spun into linen yarn and woven into linen textiles, including me!

Everyone wanted to know what I was like, especially when compared to my cousins, the Cotton Towels. Let me tell you a little about myself.

  • I am not a regular linen bath towel. I am a stonewashed linen bath towel which makes me very soft and hassle free - I can be washed and dried in a regular washer and dryer.

  • I need NO iron - stonewashed effect gives me that trendy lightly wrinkled look so ironing is not needed!

  • I am a space saver - I will use much less space in your closet than bulky Terry Cottons! But will do a much better job!

  • I will serve you for a lifetime. You will not be throwing me away like you do with those Cottons. You know how they get holes and break apart? That doesn't happen with me. My flax fiber is FAR more durable than cotton fiber.

  • I am the most absorbing towel you will have. I absorb more water than ANY of the Cottons. And the Cottons also get so soggy! I absorb quickly and do not feel as damp afterward. Plus, I get softer and more absorbent after each wash!

  • I am lint free (and did I say very absorbent?) which makes me perfect to wipe glassware! I won't leave small fuzzes everywhere when you use me!

  • I dry very fast, WAY faster than any of those slow-drying Cottons!

  • dry out softly. When you hang a Cotton to dry, it becomes stiff and unpleasant to use. Not me! When I dry out, I’m just as soft as before!

  • I am eco-friendly, especially compared to those Cottons.

  • I have natural anti-bacterial properties which make me less susceptible to mold. Sometimes Cottons get “that smell.” I don’t!